A listing on this Community Resources page does NOT guarantee that services will be provided as stated. Before visiting an agency to request services, it is highly recommended to call and inquire about guidelines and requirements. If you find any listings that are not accurate or need help in determining who you need to contact please call, (225)291-9718.

Family and Youth Service Center (FYSC)

1120 Government Street

Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70802

Tel: (225)239-7800

Fax: (225)771-8559

FYSC is a component of EBR Truancy Assessment, Inc., that works with the community to provide health, education, and human services supporting children and families in their progress towards success in school.

Families In Need Service (FINS)

*Locations in All Parishes in our service area.

FINS  is a new approach designed to bring resources for the purpose of helping families (troubled youth and their parents) with the goal to reduce formal juvenile court involvement.

*If you need help with identifying which FINS office to contact, contact us we can help.

Department of Children &Family Services (DCFS)

*Locations in All Parishes in our service area.

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Community  Resources:

  • Family Youth Service Center

  • Families In Need Services

  • Department of Children and Family Services

  • Department of Juvenile Services

  • Southeast Louisiana Legal Services

  • Youth Challenge Program

  • Mental Health Advocacy

  • Louisiana Office of Behavioral Health